Books and Catalogues

"Stained Glass; Music For The Eye"
Hill, Hill, and Halberstatt, Scrimshaw Press
Critical comments in catalog - "Harry Powers - From The Inward Eye" Triton Museum of Art - July, 2013

"Light In the Painting and Sculpture of Harry Powers"
Stephen French, Chair, San Jose Art Copmmission
"Reflections on the Work of Harry Powers"
Daniel Keegan, Director, Milwaukee Art Museum
"Harry Powers' View Beyond The Watery Abyss",
Preston Metcalf, Chief Curator, Triton Museum of Art

"A Self Guided Tour of SYNTEX ART"
"San Jose Art in Public Places Program"
Library of Congress 92 - 62692
"Selections - The San Jose Museum of Art Permanent Collection"
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA.
ISBN 0 - 938175 -33 - 5
"Mosaics: Principles and Practice"
Joseph L Young
Reinhard Publishing Corporation, New York
Library of Congress 63 - 14883
Articles and Reviews

"Silicon Valley Profile: Harry Powers, An Ambassador For The Arts"
The Irish herald, September 2013
"Local Habitations"
Robertson Publishing
Cover - painting reproduction - "Sentient Irish Sea"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-121-0
"Inside the Eye of an Artist" - Melissa McKenzie - Santa Clara Weekly, August 8, 2012
"Inquiring Mind - Volume 22, Number 2"
Spring 2006
January 4, 2004
Rose Garden Resident, Volume 1, Issue 3
Estelle Hayes
"Harry Powers Lecture"
Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum Newsletter
June, 1983
"Maquette - Journal of the International Sculpture Center"
Cover Photo - January 1995
Hildenbrand-Lanzone Gallery Catalog - RG Tansey, Author of several editions of "Gardner's Art through the Ages" - 1995
Metro, Mark Blumberg
Dec.20, 1991
San Jose Mercury News. Linda Goldston
November 10, 1979
San Francisco Chronicle, Dec 20, 1979
Allan Temko, Art and Architecture Critic
"Sculpture '72",
Gay M. Weaver
Palo Alto Times, July 5, 1972
San Francisco Chronicle, Thomas Albright, Art Critic
April 2, 1971
"Harry Powers"
Bryan Macdonald, Head, Department of Fine Art
University of the Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia
June, 1987