San Jose State University A broad survey of artists - contemporary and historic world wide

Several works by Harry Powers are included
  Lynn Powers Her paintings and assemblages speak metaphorically ~ of time, of contemplation and of transformation. She casts these materials in roles which embody the spirits of transcendent truth and ~ beauty, an often neglected but much needed affirmation of life itself.  
  San Jose ICA The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is an energetic art space located in downtown San Jose dedicated to making contemporary art accessible and exciting to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Harry Powers has exhibited there many times.
  San Jose Museum of Art The San Jose Museum of Art is a distinguished museum of modern and contemporary art and a lively center of arts activity in Silicon Valley. The leading institution in the area dedicated to the art of our time, SJMA is committed to providing access for its extraordinarily diverse populations and to pioneering new approaches to interpretation.

Harry Powers has exhibited and lectured there many times and has 3 works in their permanent collection
  Palo Alto Art Center The Palo Alto Art Center provides an art education center for the community of Palo Alto with classes and exhibits.

Harry Powers has exhibited and lectured there and has a work in their collection
  Villa Montalvo Arts Center Montalvo Arts Center is an oasis of culture and nature whose mission is to create and present arts of all types, nurture artists, and use our historic Villa, buildings, and grounds in innovative ways that engage people in the creative process.

Harry Powers has exhibited and lectured there.
  Oceanside Museum of Art The mission of the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) is to educate and inspire the public through a diverse range of engaging exhibitions and programs that connect people with regional, as well as national and global artists and artforms of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Harry powers was invited to exhibit in their Inaugural Exhibition